BSF Club Membership, Full – Bay State Fencers

BSF Club Membership, Full

$ 95.00

Full Club Membership is for experienced fencers over the age of 18. Full Membership includes Open Fencing on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, Club Footwork Monday & Wednesday nights. This membership is ideal for the dedicated urban fencer who is looking to add more bouting, and light training to their routine. 

Bay State Fencers club membership, like USA Fencing membership is an annual commitment. The national office permits fencers to be members of more than one club, but to represent only one club as their Primary Club for the fencing season. In order to receive Coaching at any competition you must represent Bay State Fencers as your Primary Club, we welcome members who represent other clubs as their secondary club.

Club Membership is an annual (12 month) commitment. When registering for club membership you agree to pay monthly, bi-annually or annually for the entire season. (Sept 1 - Aug 31). (exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis).



$570.00/Bi-Annual  Aug - Jan 31 and Feb1 - Jul 31

$1045.00/Annual Aug 1 - July 31 (you get 1 month free)

Plus: $10.00 Non-Competitive OR $75.00 Competitive USA Fencing Membership - Register online at USA Fencing. Please add Bay State Fencers as your Primary Club when you register with USFA. 

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