Cadet Intro to Fencing: Ages 13 to 16 – Bay State Fencers

Cadet Intro to Fencing: Ages 13 to 16

$ 80.00

Cadet Introduction to Fencing will introduce beginning students, ages 13 to 16, to the exciting Olympic Sport of fencing. Students will be introduced to the basics of footwork and the techniques and equipment used in Epee fencing. General fitness is developed through games, drills, and bouting. Cadet fencers advance to the Competitive Program  or Adult Epee after completing Intro to Fencing.

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Cost: $80.00/month OR $160.00/ for 2 Months

Plus: $10 Non Competitive US Fencing Membership - Register online at USA Fencing. Please provide proof of US Fencing Membership on the first day of class

Details: This Intro to Fencing class is for Cadet fencers, ages 13 to 16 and meets for one hour per week for two months. Meets on Tuesday 5:30-7:00 pm. Now includes a 10 min lesson with a coach.

This class may be repeated.

What to Bring:
Long athletic pants, t-shirt, socks, athletic shoes, and a refillable water bottle.

Equipment and Uniforms:
All uniforms and equipment are provided at no additional cost for the first 8 weeks. To learn more about uniforms and equipment please visit our Fencing Gear page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing a mask, glove or other uniform or equipment parts they may be purchased, at competitive prices, directly from our in-house Armory.

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