Youth Introduction to Fencing: Ages 8 to 12 – Bay State Fencers

Youth Introduction to Fencing: Ages 8 to 12

$ 80.00

All for one and one for all, learn the Olympic sport of Fencing with our Introduction to Fencing. Youth fencer, ages 8 to 12, will be introduced to the fun and fitness of fencing. The basics of footwork are introduced to the students along with the equipment and methods of scoring used in Epee fencing. General fitness is developed through games, drills, and bouting. The coaching staff will evaluate every student's progress in each class, and will inform the students/guardians that he/she is eligible to take private lessons and move to the next level. When the students are ready they will be invited to the Competitive Program: Youth 1  Ages 9 to 13. 

By registering online you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Class Policies.

Cost: $80.00 per month, minimum of 2 months prior to moving up to  Pre-Competitive or the Competitive Program.

Plus: $10 Non Competitive US Fencing Membership - Register online at USA Fencing. Please provide proof of US Fencing Membership on the first day of class.

Details: This Introduction to Fencing Program is for youth fencers, ages 8 to 12 meets once per week and can be repeated. Uniform and gear are provided for 8 weeks. These are the skills will your child acquire during this class.

What to Bring:
Long athletic pants, t-shirt, socks, athletic shoes, and a refillable water bottle.

Equipment and Uniforms:
All uniforms and equipment are provided at no additional cost for the first 2 months after the 2 month period students must purchase or rent gear ($30.00/month) uniform and weapon. To learn more about fencing uniforms and equipment please visit our Fencing Gear page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing a mask, glove or other uniform or equipment parts they may be purchased, at competitive prices, directly from our in-house Armory.

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