Adult Fencing Classes

Adult Fencing: A Time Honored Sport

Fencing is a fascinating, time-honored sport that teaches good sportsmanship and self-discipline. It fosters a healthy attitude towards individual as well as team competition and stimulates the mind by providing immediate rewards for using sound judgement. Fencing teaches everyone to enjoy winning and to profit from defeat, with the benefit of physical exercise.

Fencers become physically fit while training and they learn to outwit their opponents using strategy, technique, and physical endurance. These skills help people learn to make complex decisions, to analyze problems, and to think quickly.Fencing is also a great activity for developing general athletic skills including: hand to eye coordination, speed, and agility. Fencers learn to compete individually as well as for a team.

Interested but not sure?

Bay State Fencers always welcomes visitors. Please feel free to drop in and observe anytime or join us for an Open House. If you are not sure, register for Foray Into Fencing (a 90-min fencing experience), or participate in an Introduction to Fencing class for FREE before registering for a fencing program. Please email registrar@baystatefencers for more information.

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