Competitive Fencing Programs

Our Competitive Programs are formatted to help train fencers for the challenges of competition, where ever they encounter it. We offer rolling enrollment to allow for each fencer and their family to consider the appropriate time to take the step into the Program.

Competitive Youth I: is for our youngest athletes, ages 9 to 11, who are beginning to express interest in competition. This program meets twice per week either on Monday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Friday for training, attending local competitions is recommended by the Coaching staff.  Fencers are strongly encouraged to take Private Lessons at a minimum of twice per month as part of participation in this program.

Competitive Youth II: is for our athletes, ages 11 to14, who are actively competing. This program meets three times per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for training, and Sunday for Competitive Bouting when not competiting. Fencers are required to take Private Lessons weekly. Participation in the Competitive program is by invitation of the Coaching staff, this is a year round program.

Competitive Cadet: is for fencers, ages 14 to 18, who are actively competing are invited to participate in this program. Cadet fencers are expected to attend training regularly, to take weekly private lessons, and to compete at local, regional, and national competitions as a part of their training. Cadet fencers may join this program, by invitation, at any point during the fencing season, this is a year round program.

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