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Private Fencing Lessons

Private lessons are a vital part of any fencer’s competitive training program. Upon completion of eight weeks of the Introductory program and Coach approval fencers may begin private lessons. Fencers who are actively training for competition usually take two or more private lessons each week during the fencing season. 

Working with a coach is a big step in a fencer’s athletic life and having a private coach is both a privilege and a responsibility. Coaches are committed to assisting fencers to attain their athletic and competitive goals by developing an individualized program of training for each fencer. 

Private Lesson Policies

It is essential that fencers only work with one private lesson coach at a time. Coaches invest a great deal of time and effort in developing a program of training for their fencers. Conflicting methods of training can be detrimental to a fencer’s athletic development. In order to receive Coaching at any tournament, fencers must represent Bay State Fencers as their Primary Club.

    • Private Lessons are by appointment only and should be scheduled directly with your coach.
    • Arrive for lessons on time and be ready at the scheduled lesson time. If a fencer is going to be late for any reason the coach must be contacted directly by personal cell phone.
    • If you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson, it is your responsibility to contact your coach directly by personal cell phone or email 24 hours in advance to reschedule the lesson time/date.
    • All coaches may be reached directly via personal cell phone or email. DO NOT leave messages for your coach on the Club voicemail.
    • Payment is due to your coach for each private lesson, in advance, or at the time of the lesson. Your Coach will accept cash and a check at lesson time. Forgetting to pay for a lesson is very insulting.
    • Once a lesson is scheduled the fencer is financially responsible for that lesson fee.
    • Club members & currently enrolled students have priority for lesson times. Lessons for non-members will be scheduled as time allows.
    • Non-members may take two (2) lessons without a club membership. After taking two (2) lessons, a non-member must become a Bay State Fencers Club member.
    • Non-members must pay the daily floor fee of $15 to the desk AND lesson fees prior to the lesson.

Bay State Fencers is a Member Club of the USA Fencing

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