Learn to Fence

Fencing promotes self-discipline, fosters a healthy attitude towards individual as well as team competition, and stimulates the mind by providing rewards for using sound judgement. Through fencing we teach everyone to enjoy winning and to profit from defeat, with the benefit of physical exercise. Fencing is also a great activity for developing general athletic skills including: hand to eye coordination, speed, and agility.

Fencing is a safe and exhilarating lifelong sport for all ages and athletic abilities. This may come as a surprise, considering the sport’s origins, but modern fencing equipment and rules ensure that injuries are limited to the occasional bruised arm, or ego.

Some fence to win as many tournaments as possible, some to improve their physical fitness and many others just fence for the sheer fun of it. Bay State Fencers has been serving the community since 2004, we are committed to making certain that every fencer who joins us, young or old, novice or expert, achieves his or her athletic goals through fencing. We strive to make this journey an enriching and satisfying experience for everyone, regardless of his or her goals. At Bay State Fencers, “We Train to Win.”

Interested but not sure?

Bay State Fencers always welcomes visitors. Please feel free to drop in, observe, or try a class for FREE before registering.

If you have questions please email registrar@baystatefencers.com and visit our Class Policies page for more details.

Bay State Fencers is a member of the New England Division, North Atlantic Section, of US Fencing.

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