About Fencing Gear – Bay State Fencers

About Fencing Gear

Fencers of all ages are required to wear proper protective fencing gear to all Bay State Fencers training programs, open fencing, and to all competitions both at the club and away.  

To maintain our record of safety and to adhere to the guidelines of our insurance policy protective fencing gear is required. 

If you are interested in purchasing a mask, glove, or other uniform or equipment parts they may be purchased, at competitive prices, directly from our in-house Armory.                                                                 


Bay State Fencers Fencing Gear Requirements

Youth Epee and Adult Epee Programs

Fencers must wear full-length sweatpants (NO front pockets), t-shirt, and fencing appropriate shoes (fencing, tennis, or court shoes). All fencers are also required to own a mask and fencing Glove.
 After the initial 8 weeks of classes fencers must purchase their own jacket, underarm protector (plastron), and chest protector (mandatory for girls/women; optional for boys/men). Check with your instructor on sizing and fit, the BSF Armory is available to assist with your purchases.

Club Members and Competitive Programs

Fencers must be dressed in full protective fencing gear every time they participate in bouts, drills or competitions. Each coach will determine if the student needs full or partial protective attire for private lessons. A fencer who is not wearing appropriate protective fencing attire will not be allowed to participate in open fencing or training sessions.


Club Members and Fencers in Competitive Programs must own the following equipment: Click below for online sales