Adult Epee: 2.05.1: Ages 16+ – Bay State Fencers

Adult Epee: 2.05.1: Ages 16+

$ 95.00

Students that have completed our Intro program or are returning from a hiatus from fencing and want an intermediary step prior to becoming a Full Member, will find Adult Epee 2.05.1 the perfect fit. Adult fencers that are interested in competition should advance to Club Membership with the inclusion of private lessons. Private lessons in conjunction with participation in Open Fencing helps to further the learning experience and foster new friendships.

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Details: This Adult Epee 2.05.1 class is for adult fencers, ages 16+ that have completed 8 weeks of Intro or are returning fencers. This class meets for once per week for 1 month and includes warm-up and footwork as well as  participation in one night per week of Open Fencing, choose from Monday or Wednesday. Personal fencing uniform is required.
Cost:  $95.00 monthly recurring 


Plus: $10 Non Competitive or $75 Competitive USA Fencing Membership is required for all fencing programs - Register online at USA Fencing, please add Bay State Fencers as your Primary Club when you sign up. Please provide proof of US Fencing Membership on first day of class or you will be asked to register online at the club.

Here's what our members are saying about being an adult beginner at Bay State Fencers:
"I’ve been fencing for 2 years and Bay State Fencers is my one and only club. They are very welcoming to new fencers, yet they are highly skilled and competitive. If you are an experienced fence looking for a club, or if you’ve never suited up, come join us for open fencing! You won’t be disappointed!" - Tori B.
"I signed up for classes & immediately fell in love. When the classes ended, I asked my friend to signed up with me. Both times I was a student I found it to be an incredible sport. The owner Stacy is a wonderful instructor. I highly recommend stopping by for a tour. Great cardio workout & it's fun," - Ronnie R.
PLEASE NOTE: This program should be repeated before continuing to Club Membership and Private Lessons.
What to Bring:
Long athletic pants, t-shirt, socks, athletic shoes, and a refillable water bottle.
Equipment and Uniforms:
Students must purchase or rent gear ($30.00/month) uniform and weapon. To learn more about fencing uniforms and equipment please visit our Fencing Gear page.

 Masks, gloves, other uniform and equipment parts may be purchased, at competitive prices, directly from our in-house Armory.

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