Foray Into Fencing Experience: Ages 18+ – Bay State Fencers

Foray Into Fencing Experience: Ages 18+

$ 25.00

Bring a partner, bring a date, or bring a group and take a stab at fencing! This 90-minute experience is a great way to try your hand at this time honored sport.  If you enjoy your experience and would like to take an Introduction to Fencing class, the cost of Foray Into Fencing will be applied to your registration. 

Come learn the basics, suit up in a fencing uniform, hook-up to the electric scoring equipment and try your hand at this fast and fun sport. 

Learning to fence can be challenging for some, but is rewarding for most! Fencing is a safe and exhilarating lifelong sport for all ages and athletic abilities. This may come as a surprise, considering the sport's origins, but modern fencing equipment and rules ensure that injuries are limited to the occasional bruised arm, or ego.

Special Pricing available for Parties, Groups or Corporate Events. Please Email for more information or to arrange a specific date.

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