AFG 350N Under-Arm Protector – Bay State Fencers

AFG 350N Under-Arm Protector

$ 21.00

This is a 350N under-arm protector the offers level 1 protection. It is made of a (65%) polyester / (35%) cotton blend and can be used for both left-handed and right-handed fencers, just turn it inside out to fit appropriately!

To size: Select the same size fencing jacket you wear.

Available Sizes:

XS - jacket size 32 to34

S - jacket size 36 to 38

M - jacket size 40 to 42

L - jacket size 44

XL - jacket size 46

XXL - jacket size 48

NO Returns, Exchange for size only within seven (7) days. 

Please Note: There are other styles and grades of under-arm protectors if this style does not meet your needs. Please see the front desk or email for more information.

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