Learn to Fence

Learn to Fence is for anyone interested in learning and practicing the fundamental skills of the sport of fencing.

Warm-up, stretch, games, basic footwork, epee specific skill-building, and an introduction to bouting.

Gear Requirement
Uniform and equipment rental INCLUDED

Suggested Next Class
Epee Class

About the Learn to Fence

  • 4-week session offered monthly
  • 1 X 60-minute class per week
  • May be repeated ONCE
  • BSF Student Club Membership is INCLUDED
  • Wear long athletic pants, t-shirt and tennis or court shoes
  • Bring a refillable water bottle
  • $10 Non-Competitive Annual USA Fencing Membership is required

Kids Learn To Fence

Ages 7 to 9

4-week sessions Tuesday 4 to 5 pm


($100 class fee + $35 student club membership)

Youth Learn To Fence

Ages 10 to 12

4-week sessions Thursday 4 to 5 pm


($100 class fee + $35 student club membership)

Teen Learn To Fence

Ages 13 to 15

4-week sessions Friday 4:30 to 5:30 pm


$100 Class Fee & $35 Student Club Membership

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